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planning your system

With all the tax credits and rebates, it makes more sense than ever to invest in solar power. Your energy production decision could be indeed your most profitable investment. Think about your solar panels as one big lump payment for the next 10 to 25 years of electrical bills. As soon as your system is up and running, your electricity bills will be a portion of what they are now - with locked-in rates that will last the lifetime of your panels. Your dividends will cash in immediately when you sell back the electricity you do not use to the utilities company 


Today's photovoltaics are warrantied to last a minimum of 25 years. With as little as 40% of the system's cost as your personal investment and a 6-year amortization plan, your solar system will provide positive cash flow for the next 19 years and add sell back value to your property.



Solar Costs

The cost and payback of electric solar panels can vary largely from one house to the next, depending on the size of the solar system, but also on the location and structure of the house. Boston Solar technicians are here to help you choose the number of panels best tailored to your energy needs and expectations, but also one that fits your budget. During the initial consult, they will walk you through the cost and investment returns you can expect from your new solar system.

Just leave all the paperwork for us to fill in: we will help you make the best investment based on your energy profile and will simplify your solar decisions so you can just sit back and watch the dividends drip in. 


Financing options

You have many options to choose from when it comes to financing your new solar system. Home Equity Loans, lines of credit, leases or Power Purchase Agreements will make your energy production commitment a smart and easy investment with complete peace of mind.

Let us crunch the numbers for you and help you find the financing solution best suited to your needs and budget. Our solar technicians will walk you through the different financing alternatives and let you decide which course of action is best for your solar system. With up to 60% payback in federal, state, and local incentives, your solar investment will be redeemed faster than ever. Your monthly energy savings will give you a twentyfold return on the value of your real estate property.


Solar Incentives

Clean Energy Finance & Investment Authority
A variety of generous federal, state and city incentives are available to Connecticut residents and combine with other utilities rebates to dramatically offset the installation costs of a complete solar system outright.

Whether you opt for electric solar panels or for a hot water system, you could get up to 60% of the cost of your solar system back - and amortize your complete installation in just six years. Some cities in the state offer additional incentives to their residents in terms of tax credits and agreements with local utilities companies.

Leave the spreadsheets and calculator with us: we know the Connecticut solar market inside and out, and will maximize your tax credits and local rebates for your place of residence. Call us to check the latest incentives available in your area!   



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