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Massachusetts Solar Incentives


Massachusetts residents can benefit from a wide range of incentives in the form of tax credits, state rebates and performance-based credits. These incentives can reduce the overall cost of a residential solar system by 30% to 50%. Boston Solar can help you identify incentives that apply to your specific circumstances. For more information on any of these incentives, click the appropriate title for more details.

Federal Tax Credit

  • 30% of the cost (net of Commonwealth Solar II Rebates) with no upper limit.  
  • Expires December 31st 2016.
  • Existing homes and new construction qualify. Must be principal or secondary residence.

MassCEC - Commonweath Solar II Rebates

  • $2000 or $4000 for residential property.
  • Varies $0.40 (base up to $2000) to $0.85/watt (varies by rebate adders).
  • 1 KW (minimum) up to 10 KW photovoltaic systems.

Massachusetts Personal Tax Credit

  • 15% personal tax credit.
  • Up to $1000 against state income tax for Net Expenditure on a renewable energy system (including installation costs).
  • Excess credit may be carried forward for up to 3 years.

Massachusetts Property Tax Incentive

  • 100% exemption on value added by solar system for 20 years.
  • Solar energy systems used as primary or auxiliary allow taxable property to be exempt from local property tax for a 20 year period.

Massachusetts Solar Renewable Energy Credits - SRECs

  • Income from the sale of your Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) 
  • 1 SREC for each KW produced 
  • Minimum $200 per KW produced during first 10 years 

Net Metering 

  • Aplies to solar systems connected to the grid via the major utilities
  • Customers are compensated for any excess electricity generated by their solar system
  • Some utilities give full credit for excess energy at retail prices