Residential Solar Panels: White Glove Services for Massachusetts Residents

Get more sun than ever this winter!

Massachusetts SolarInvesting in a solar electric system can be overwhelming. Between the selection of a solar system that is right for you all the way to the paperwork hassle that comes with grant and rebate applications, solar systems might seem like a daunting maze of misguiding, distorted and ever changing information. 

At Boston Solar, all we want to do is simplify your transition to solar generation. We offer affordable and straighforward residential solar panel solutions that will keep your decisions informed, easy and relaxed. We will help you jump forward to the next energy generation with a solar system that fits your home like a glove: the entire system will be tailored to your needs, your return goals and your budget. Massachusetts incentives and tax rebates have never been so enticing: with the variety of federal, state and local rebates and credits, your personal financial contribution to your own residential solar electric system is likely to be in the range of 50 to 35% of the total cost of the project! Now is a better time than ever to hop on the energy conservation train and push your commitment to environmental issues a step further.

We will take you from natural resources conservation to energy generation, and guide you every step of the way, from system selection to financing options. Switching to solar energy is not only a smart environmental commitment: let us show you how it will quickly become one of your most profitable and reliable investment.

Capture the sun this winter and watch the dividends flow in.

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Residential solar systems are eligible for a 30% Federal tax credit PLUS Massachusetts solar grants and tax rebates. Keep in check your energy costs and get all the benefits of clean, sustainable electricity.

Want to know more? Click here for additional information on credits, rebates and paybacks of a solar system.

White Glove, TurnKey Services for your Home

We take care of everything

Residential SolarBoston Solar offers a complete solar package with personalised services to meet your needs.  As part of our standard residential package, we provide the following services:

- Obtain permits and utility interconnection approvals
- Assist with federal, state and local incentives - solar rebates and tax credits, SREC's

- Provide complete turnkey engineering and installation of your residential solar system
- Final Inspections

We also provide additional services including:

- Financing solutions
- Monitoring and maintenance
- SRECs (Administration and Monetisation)

Solar Panels on Massachusetts roofWe are a no-nonsense firm focused on providing great customer service and efficient solar energy systems at affordable prices. Our systems are designed and installed by highly experienced and qualified solar technicians. With over 350 systems installed in Massachusetts to date (May 2013), Boston Solar has few rivals with this kind of experience. We strive to make your switch to solar energy as informed and smooth as possible, so you can focus on enjoying your savings.    

Massachusetts residents can benefit from generous incentives to invest in residential solar electric systems. If you are ready to save money going green, fill out our home solar assessment form or call us directly. We will answer any questions you may have and arrange for a visit to your home to discuss your solar options, including design and installation details, your type of roof, the sizing of your system and your budget.

Residential Portfolio

Residential Portfolio

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